What's Your Healing Style?

Nov 21, 2023

What's your healing style? 


Recently I've been contemplating the various healing paths one can take and noticing how my own preferences for specific therapies have changed over time. 


I'm finding there is a “healing style” for each of the bodies we inhabit- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 


For most of my life, my healing focus has been firmly rooted in the physical body.


I was all about optimizing my energy, digestion, sleep, physique, strength, endurance, etc. 


A decade ago I would have argued that I didn't have any mental/emotional “issues” to address and that my Spirituality had nothing to do with my “health”. 


Following this path enabled me to make tons of progress toward my goals. 


It guided me to become a master into the world of nutrition, movement, sleep, toxicity, infectious diseases, drugs and supplements and help hundreds of people improve their quality of life. 


And when I finally reached the level of mastery over the physical plane that I felt I could sustain, I was finally ready to acknowledge the way my thoughts and emotions were affecting my life. 


And after I dug deep into mindset work and emotional flexibility, I realized my spirituality had everything to do with my health.


So the other day I came up with this analogy….


The decor and moveables in your house is like the physical body. 


The finishings like flooring, counters and walls are like your mental and emotional bodies.


The actual framing and foundation of your house is like your spiritual body. 


For me, I prefer to organize the clutter before I sweep and mop the dirt and grime. 


And I'm definitely going to clean, organize and redecorate before I’ll even consider taking on a total remodel!


Have you ever tried to mop the floor with 75 matchbox cars spread across it? 


You totally can! And some people do. 


Just like some prefer to work through healing at the mental/emotional level while consuming fast food and copious amounts of caffeine and alcohol at the physical level. 


This can totally work but you’ll still have to go back and pick up the clutter eventually if you want a clean and organized space. 


As in, if you dive into trauma work and meditation as your first attempt at improving your health, and you then decide your body is worth caring for so you start making better food choices, prioritizing sleep and intentionally moving your body, then it all worked out perfectly. 


When your mind is clear and you feel calm, there is more desire to care for your physical body and less need for harmful coping mechanisms like junk food and drugs. 


And when your body is well nourished, well rested and well cared for, the brain is less stressed trying to keep everything going so you are less emotionally and mentally reactive. 


Both of these paths are AMAZING and should be celebrated. 


But for me, I couldn't even see the dirt and grime on the floor because I was so distracted by how my space looked cluttered on the surface! 


So if you’re like me and feel a bit stuck in trying to master the physical plane, just trying to keep it looking surface level presentable, I feel you. 


And if you're thinking maybe it's time to try a different approach, so you can get under that surface level junk, consider that there is no wrong path.


I think of mopping and sweeping as tackling the mental and emotional bodies. 


They are kind of the same, but generally, you need to do both to really have that clean feeling. 


You can sweep without mopping, and feel a bit of relief, just as you can master your mindset without addressing the underlying emotions, but your kitchen and brain will still have a layer of grime haunting you.


So while it's fine to start with one, eventually you’ll need to do both to really reach your goals!


Is it fun to do the mental/emotional work? 


Well…some people think mopping and sweeping are fun! 


Just like some people enjoy going to the gym or cooking a healthy meal.


I can say that although my teenage self and my 20-something self was not into sweeping and mopping (or mental/emotional personal development work), those chores definitely grew on me as I graduated from dorm rooms and house parties to ramblers and diapers. 


Now I crave that relaxed, clean house feeling I get after putting in a bit of arm work to wipe away a layer of “stuck on gunk” that's fogging up my health house. 


But what about the final healing style- the spiritual path?


This one is the most elusive, the one that many never consider an option, and also maybe the most impactful. 


There are people who will never explore the spiritual aspect of wellness.


There are people who will never explore any healing path unless completely forced to, but I digress…


Working to resolve spiritual conflicts and develop a deep loving relationship with my own spirit that was given to me by God, has been the single most impactful work I have done for my health.


And I liken this healing work to doing a full remodel…


We’re no longer focused on surface level anything. 


Instead we’re ripping up the flooring all together and laying down some fresh foundation in a pattern that makes your heart sing!


What's most fascinating to me are the people who skip all the physical, mental and emotional work and jump straight to the spiritual remodel. 


That is so inspiring. 


To know you can skip straight to the good stuff and in the process gain most of the benefits of the lower levels too!


Yes, of course during construction you're going to have to sweep the dust and trimmings, but this is to be expected, and if you have brand new dream floors to show off, I bet that sweeping and decluttering would come pretty easy! 


If you’re struggling to keep up with diet, exercise, meditation, movement or any other “clutter" in the physical, mental or emotional realm, maybe consider scraping all of it to explore the Spiritual path with a full life remodel!


This works because everything trickles down from spirit. 


And when you're living your dream life in your dream house, it's probably a lot easier to find the motivation to keep things neat and tidy…don't you imagine? 


If you are unapologetically following your unique plan, as written in your DNA, given to you by God the Creator…and no longer trying to fit into somebody else's mold…


Then there will be no room for physical, mental or emotional clutter. 


It simply won't be tolerable anymore.


And if something slips out of place, you’ll be itching to jump in and tidy it up, sans resistance! 


So what healing type are you? 


And how is that working for you so far? What are the benefits? 


If we’re being really honest, Is there room for improvement in any area?


I’d love to know your thoughts as you ponder these concepts. 


In health, 


Dr. Terra


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