Unlock Lifelong Wellness with the Calm Belly Transformation Program

Invest in a healthier, vibrant you with our exclusive Calm Belly Transformation Program!

For a one-time investment of $2,444, you will secure lifetime access and embrace the transformative power of holistic health.


  • The Calm Belly Transformation System: Dive deep into our unique Nourish, Detoxify, and Reprogram process with twelve self-paced video modules. Harmonize your physical and mental health, and join countless others who've experienced unexpected health improvements.
  • Tailored Guidance With Dr. Terra: In your first session, Dr. Terra sketches a clear path to success. Identify potential setbacks, optimize your wellness journey, and participate in a specialized session aimed at breaking down limiting beliefs and accelerating your progress.
  • Carrol Food Intolerance Kit: Uncover your unique food profile. Get a tailored assessment plus a treasure trove of resources: enlightening video lectures, cheat sheets, delectable recipes, and strategic meal-planning tools. (Opt-out option available with conditions).
  • Weekly Group Coaching with a Certified Health Coach: Engage with 45-minute Zoom sessions, led by certified health coach, Lacy Watson. Achieve accountability, pinpoint and surpass hurdles, and connect with like-minded wellness enthusiasts.
  • Monthly Q&A with Dr. Terra: Get your burning questions on nutrition, food intolerances, and digestive health answered. Think of it as your monthly health tune-up with an expert.
  • Comprehensive Wellness Guides: Downloadable PDFs covering Nutrition, Detox, and more! An always-accessible health resource.
  • Exclusive Calm Belly Community Access: A private Facebook haven for members. Stay updated with coaching replays, engage with homework prompts, and build connections.


  • Detox Mastery Class by Dr. Terra: Eliminate toxins from your life. Address issues like hormone imbalances, brain fog, or skin problems with Dr. Terra's home clean-out strategy. Plus, a quick reference guide for instant insights.
  • Carnivore Reset Membership: Complimentary 1-year access to the Carnivore Reset Challenge. Dive into a community focused on this transformative diet.
  • Deep Dive Archive: Elevate your wellness game with Dr. Terra's in-depth webinars on diverse topics – from period problems to gluten concerns.

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  • The Calm Belly Transformation System
  • Personalized Roadmap with Dr. Terra
  • Carrol Food Intolerance Kit
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Q&A with Dr. Terra
  • Downloadable Wellness Guides (Nutrition, Detox, etc.)
  • Exclusive Members-Only Calm Belly Community on Facebook