Sudden death is NOT normal, and never will be.

Jan 03, 2023

Sudden death is NOT normal, and never will be. 


There is a phenomenon being swept under the rug right now and it goes something like this…”45yo female dies suddenly during aerobic dance class” and then the media proceeds to blame the event on climate change or some other absurd and unrelated thing. 


The cause of these “sudden deaths” is complex, but there is a theme emerging, and it's perplexing to me why this is not being discussed more openly so the medical community can notify those at risk. The theme is clotting, specifically fibrin clots. But before I get into what those are or how to evaluate if you might have them let me give you a little background. 


When I worked in a Lyme clinic we saw a LOT of chronic inflammation being driven by underlying infections. This inflammation caused all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms, much like the trending “long haulers'' sufferers are reporting. This is partly why I was never intimidated by COVID or the lingering symptoms that preceded it because I understood virology intimately and I had the tools to prevent and treat it. 

After leaving the Lyme clinic, jumping head first into vitalism, and old school nature-cure over the past 2 years- I realized a few more things. There are folks who get sick, then quickly recover, and there are those who don't. And this is not a random lottery process. There are very clear reasons why some folks fly through infection or injury and others get stuck in it (like developing fibrin clots). 

The first thing that determines which path you will take is the health of your foundation. Imagine you are a house. If your roof is leaking and your siding is falling off do you think you’re going to fair well when the next storm hits? Those who regularly take care of their physical, mental, and emotional ‘houses’ will always fare better in a storm and often avoid the storm altogether because of their optimized immune systems and drainage pathways.  But those who allow their health to decline and their toxic load to build up will always struggle when the storm hits. 

This concept sounds simple, and it should be, but the modern world is full of really rich people who have seemingly endless marketing budgets that are being used to convince you to fill your life up with toxicity disguised as health. For example, we can talk about eating healthy, but I find in practice that the average person has no idea what that even means. What is the best way to start the day? Is it oats for breakfast? Or sausage and eggs? Or maybe it's Beyond sausage and Just egg? And don't even get me started on dinner! Public Health ‘experts’ would have you avoiding red meat and filling your plate with veggies cooked in vegetable oil as a ‘heart healthy meal’ but that couldn't be more wrong. Red meat has been villainized for all the wrong reasons and is actually a superfood. If you don't believe me, read my blog titled “Protein Myths Busted”

Those endless marketing budgets are not just used to get you to buy a product, but to create fear of natural foods and products that are health-promoting. The dirty secret these drug companies don't want you to know is that health is not the goal. Health is the opposite of the goal. Health is not profitable, that's why you never see nutrition or lifestyle advice being handed out by “public health” during a pandemic. The goal is low-grade, festering disease. They want you alive, but suffering and in need of their “cures''. 

The truth is that the only “cure” for disease is listening to your body and giving it the tools it needs to heal.

This involves removing toxins from your body and environment, eating the right foods for your body (if you have a stucco house you don't repair damaged siding by nailing shingles to it), resolving all mental/emotional conflicts, and releasing subconscious trauma patterns that are allowing disease to manifest. This takes WORK. It does not happen overnight and it definitely does not come in a pill. Don't be fooled by quick fixes. Sure you can throw a tarp on top of a leaky roof, but is that going to prevent leaks when the storm hits? No, you're just going to end up with a warped ceiling and mold to fix after the storm. Hear me when I say bandaids lead to more problems and that is by design! 

The drug companies don't actually want to find ‘cures’, they want to find things that give you just enough hope or relief that you continue buying them instead of looking for answers within yourself.

This brings me back to fibrin clots. When the body is under stress, especially from foreign invaders, it tries to corral them by coating them in fibrin. The idea is that if they are contained in the blood they can't damage vital organs or tissues. The problem arises when the body is not equipped to remove or dispose of these clots and they continue to build up, leading to large clots that block blood flow to vital organs.

This is quite common with chronic infection and it is also strongly associated with COVID shots. Clotting was one of the earliest and most obvious side effects of the shot and actually led to the suspension of the Johnson and Johnson jab. So why aren't we talking about this? Why aren't these deaths front page news? The answer is long and sad and will have to wait for another day and another post, but the cliff notes version is that all vaccine manufacturers are protected from liability and the government is responsible for handling all vaccine-related lawsuits. And since the government officials get their pockets lined by lobbyists for big pharma it doesn't serve them to advertise these negative associations (another reason to distrust Public Health IMO).

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Wishing you health and prosperity in the new year, 

Dr. Terra


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