Fire Season- From Allergies & Migraines to Clear and Focused without Pills.

Aug 25, 2023

From allergies and migraines to clear and focused without pills?! 


Here’s a little story of how I went from itchy, watery eyes, itchy, sore throat; constant sneezing; and migraines every fire season (while popping quercetin and nettles like candy), to clear, calm and allergy-free without any supplements or drugs!


Full disclosure: this was a several-year journey of trial and error for me, but it doesn't have to be for you! 


I share my story in hopes of inspiring those who are currently suffering with allergies to take action NOW to enjoy allergy-free outdoor activities any time of year, without drugs or supplements! 


The first major step that brought me from moderate-severe allergies (every spring, fall, fire season and exposure to chemicals) to mild-moderate allergies that were fairly well controlled with natural supplements, was the Carroll Food Evaluation. 


If you’re sick of hearing me talk about this, good, I'm doing my job! 


WHen I say this is life-changing, it's because it is.


I have yet to meet someone who DIDN’T get excellent results while following their Carroll Food Evaluation recommendations. 


But the truth is, it didn't fully resolve my allergies.


I still had break through symptoms when pollen counts were high, smoke filled the valley, or I spent the night in a mold AirBnB. 


After digging into the energetics of allergies I realized that it was rooted in irritation.


I knew there were several things in my life I felt irritated by, but I didn't have the tools or the awareness to resolve them. 


The second thing that made a huge difference was Holistic Counseling.


I have been on an intensive journey over the past year learning this modality to help my clients access and reprogram their subconscious beliefs. 


After dozens of sessions with my fellow classmates and a few intensive sessions with my mentor, I worked through all of the conflicts I knew to be affecting my relationships, business and health. 


The result was NO MORE ALLERGIES. 


What (mind-blown)!??


A few years ago I didn't know that was possible. 


I thought, ok if total body burden determines how active your immune system is, there is no way I will ever detox enough to have a fully functioning and well balanced body, mind and spirit. 


Turns out detoxing the subconscious mind is like 100x more powerful than a physical detox could ever be. 


I now fully believe we have the power to heal absolutely anything if we are willing to do the work of digging into and reprogramming the subconscious mind. 


But if Im being honest, it wasnt just holistic counseling alone that lead to these breakthroughs…


You see, I reached a point where I didnt know what to focus on anymore. 


I really wasn't sure if I even had any more conflicts, I just knew I didn't feel 100% in all 4 of my bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). 


Which is where the 3rd tool really shined. 


Flower essences. 


These deserve a whole book all to themselves, but I’ll summarize. 


When you choose a flower and use it consistently over the course of a few weeks, you literally transform your energy into something entirely different and beautiful.


You either release frustration and irritation because you decide its not worth really holding onto, or you become acutely aware of what is causing the irritation so you can take action to correct it. 


Pure magic. 


I have watched patients overcome old, stagnant grief and be able to fully step into and move on with their current life WITH JOY. 


I have seen clients lose weight after trying EVERYTHING for years. 


I have seen clients step into their power to create whatever life they want by releasing limiting beliefs about what they could achieve. 


Bottom line, flower essences accelerate ANY healing goal you have. 


For me, these made my Holistic Counseling sessions far more useful.


I discovered where I was being dishonest with myself and where I was acting out of fear instead of love. 


I hope you found this email inspiring and maybe planted a seed of what your next steps might be to resolve your internal conflicts so you too can enjoy an allergy-free life. 


In health, 


Dr. Terra 


P.S. If you are interested in any of the services mentioned above here are some links to check out. This is not to say these are the only ways to get to optimal health, they are just the ones that worked for me and continue to work for my clients day after day. ;) 


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P.P.S I also taught Detox Masterclass last fall when the smoke rolled in. If you are convinced you need a physical detox, you’ll want to watch the class here.


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