How Fibrin Clots Heal & Harm the Body

Mar 01, 2023

Have you ever scraped your knee and noticed that after a while, a scab forms? That scab is actually made up of something called a fibrin clot, which is your body's way of stopping bleeding and helping your wound heal.

Fibrin clots are made up of a protein called fibrin, which is produced by a substance in your blood called fibrinogen. When you get a cut or injury, your body sends out a signal to start making fibrin, which then sticks together to form a clot that plugs the hole and stops the bleeding.

But sometimes, fibrin clots can form in places where they shouldn't, like inside blood vessels. These clots can be dangerous because they can block blood flow and cause serious health problems, like heart attacks and strokes.

That's where enzymes like lumbrokinase and nattokinase come in. Both of these enzymes have been shown to help break down fibrin clots, which can help prevent them from causing health problems.

Studies have found that using enzymes like nattokinase and lumbrokinase can help improve blood flow and prevent blood clots from forming in people who are at risk for cardiovascular disease. It may also help reduce the risk of other health problems, like deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Additionally, oxygen is able to move through the bloodstream more freely, so some people experience better energy, muscle recovery, and brain function when using these supplements. 

It is also important to note that these are powerful supplements that may have unwanted blood-thinning effects, especially for those already taking blood-thinning medications. While enzymes may be helpful for some people, it's important to talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements or making changes to your health routine. They can help you decide if nattokinase or lumbrokinase is right for you and how much you should take.

Ideally, you get a panel of clotting labs performed to help guide your decision-making process. I like to run Protein C&S, Fibrinogen, and Antithrombin when deciding if a patient could benefit from enzyme therapy. I especially like to run this panel on anyone who partook or plans to partake in the mRNA COVID shots since it has been proven to increase the risk of fibrin clot formation and cardiovascular events. 

Finally, if you do decide that enzyme therapy is right for you, make sure you take them on an empty stomach. If you take enzymes with food it will break down your food instead of the protein clots in your bloodstream. 

In summary, fibrin clots are an important part of your body's healing process, but they can also be dangerous if they form in the wrong places or at the wrong times. Nattokinase and lumbrokinase are two natural enzymes that can help break down fibrin clots and prevent them from causing health problems. Talk to your doctor to see if enzyme therapy is right for you, and if you decide to give it a try, check out my favorite brands HERE


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