The One Thing That All The Fancy Diets Miss

Mar 06, 2023

Individualization is what sets the Carroll Food Evaluation apart and elevates every other way of eating. 

Let me just start by saying, I was super skeptical of this ‘vibrational food evaluation’ right up until I got my own results and experienced the life changing effects. 

I learned of this method briefly in school but was taught that it had no evidence to support its accuracy (despite its 100 year track record of being used to help people overcome debilitating disease…) and at the time I was a proud supporter of “evidence based medicine”. 

That was until 3rd year when I learned how to actually read clinical studies and realized how often the results are manipulated and flawed.

But by then I was already a full believer in food sensitivity testing as it had helped me so much in my healing journey. 

I had severe IBS and a family history of IBD which I was well on the road to getting myself and once I cut out the 10 or so foods that were high on my US Biotek IgG evaluation I felt much better! And after several other gut healing herbs and supplements I felt like my digestion was as good as it ever could be and I was ready to help others do the same. 

And I won't lie, I did help many people improve their digestion dramatically using food sensitivity testing, elimination-challenge diets, detailed meal planning to avoid trigger foods and loads of supplements. 

But when my 2 month old baby had a full blown case of facial eczema that failed to clear after a  2 month elimination diet, I decided to expand my toolkit. 

I had recently met a new doctor friend who practiced the Carroll Food Intolerance Method and ran the evaluations for her patients. 

 Out of desperation and with a healthy dose of skepticism I enrolled in the Carroll Food Intolerance training. I discovered that both my son and I were intolerant to Dairy, which I already suspected, and sugar when eaten within 4 hours of fruit. Bingo. 

Removing the tiny amount of sugar from both my diet and his dramatically improved his facial rash and his pesky diaper rash too! (at this point he was about 6 months old and still predominantly breastfeeding but eating some whole foods too)

And best of all I was blown away that my digestion actually improved too! My bowel movements were suddenly super regular and I had no more gas at all. 

At this point I was convinced that this method wasn't the hoax I had been taught about but I still wasn't sure how my patients would react. Would this method be easier to implement or more confusing? Would this bring deeper healing or would we still ultimately need to run food sensitivity testing? Would we still need all the supplemental support? 

I started running Carrol Evaluations on some current patients who had already run US Biotech tests and were currently avoiding their medium-high reactivity foods. I wanted to see if there was overlap in the results and if eliminating the entire food group, rather than just individual foods might result in faster results. 

Wow, I was blown away by the results. Not only did people experience improvement in gut symptoms much faster, but they no longer needed the long list of supplements I previously used to ‘heal’ the gut. They were able to reverse IgG sensitivities within a few months and they didn’t develop new food sensitivities, indicating the leaky gut problem was resolved

If you’re not familiar with IgG sensitivities or you're confused about the difference between food sensitivities and food intolerance, watch this short video.

Shortly after I began using the Carroll Food intolerance evaluation I realized it was a secret weapon for reducing systemic inflammation and reversing disease everywhere in the body. Join pains were suddenly gone, blood pressure dropped, brain fog cleared, skin rashes disappeared, moods stabilized. 

And best of all I no longer have the need to order IgG, IgA or microbiome testing. It makes most other expensive specialty testing pointless. No more playing whack-a-mole trying to chase around immune driven reactions because we’ve cleared the vibrational instigator. 

So why does it work so well?  

Because its addressing the diet issue at the root level. 

You see every being has a unique energetic frequency, much like sound and light. 

The Carroll Food Evaluation technique compares your unique frequency to that of each food. If the frequencies clash (like an instrument out of tune) the food will not be well received by your body, so we mark it. 

The same process is then done with foods in combination, which is even more valuable and unique in my opinion. 

We can also use this process to evaluate things like minerals and supplements to determine what you may need for optimal health. 

The result is a highly individualized approach to diet. Pair this with your favorite anti-inflammatory approach to diet and you’ve got yourself a grand-slam when it comes to healing and prevention of disease. 

If you want to hear my take on anti-inflammatory eating for optimizing nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, then please check out my Calm Belly Masterclass where you can hear testimonials from clients and book a free consultation with me to discuss a plan that's right for you! 

Or if you want to skip the line and jump straight to getting your Carroll Food Intolerance results within the next 2 weeks, then purchase your kit HERE

Common FAQ: 

  1. How often do I need to repeat this evaluation? 

  2. Is this a lab test? 

  3. Where can I get evaluated for Carroll Food Intolerances? 

  4. Can I eat a little bit of my CFIM foods if I mostly avoid them? 

  1. How often do I need to repeat this evaluation? 

    1. The best part is that your results are good for life! You were born with your unique vibration and it will never change. There is only one exception to this rule, which is in the case of blood transfusion. If you get a blood transfusion you will need to get re-evaluated for accurate results.
  2. Is this a lab test? 

    1. No! This is a proprietary naturopathic technique to uncover innate food intolerances. There are no labs that perform this evaluation, it must be performed by a certified and licensed naturopathic physician. 
  3. Where can I get evaluated for Carroll Food Intolerances? 

    1. Previously you needed to be an active patient of a licensed naturopathic physician, but I created a mini program to allow you access to these results even if you have no intention of becoming a patient. This mini program includes all resources needed to understand and implement these results into your life with minimal effort. 
  4. Can I eat a little bit of my CFIM foods if I mostly avoid them?

    1. You can eat whatever you want! I view this as an empowerment tool. Its an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of your body and how it operates best. By the end of this mini course and receiving your evaluation you will be ready to implement the results and see for yourself how awesome you can feel. After that its up to you if you stick with it or not. For me and my family, we choose to avoid our trigger foods 100% of the time because we now know exactly what suffering we will ensue if we don't.


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