There are three main causes of knee pain:

  1. Ligament damage- meniscus, ACL, MCL, PCL tears

  2. Arthritis- thinning or inflammation of the cartilage

  3. Muscle imbalance- this leads to conditions like “runners knee” or “jumper's knee” (patellofemoral pain syndrome) or IT band syndrome

The good news is these are nearly all reversible and rarely need higher interventions like surgery.

Step one is identifying the cause of the pain. This is done through physical exam, imaging and/or blood testing.

Once we determine the cause of the pain, we can remove any factors that contribute to the dysfunction, like food intolerances in the case of arthritis or muscle imbalance in the case of patellofemoral syndrome.

Step three is repairing damaged tissues. This is my favorite part! Ligaments and cartilage can be repaired with regenerative injections like prolotherapy with ozone, PRP and stem cells. Check out my prolotherapy info sheet here for more information. Muscles can be stretched and strengthened with physical therapy.

The whole process takes anywhere from one week to 3 months for full recovery, with the typical patient experiencing incremental improvements along the way with virtually zero downtime.

In contrast, after surgery it takes 6 weeks to return to normal activities of daily living and about 6 months for full recovery.

If you have knee pain and you want to start the recovery process, apply for care today! I'll be closing down my practice to new patients for a while this summer so don't delay if this is something on your to-do list!

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