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(1) 1-month license to the Carroll Food Intolerance Method Online Portal with all the step-by-step training videos to help you learn about food intolerances and the Carroll Food Intolerance Method


(2) 1-month inclusion in our Calm Belly Method private Facebook group for 24/7 support and access to live streams, replays, and on-demand coaching. 


(5) Access to all live group CFIM calls. 


(6) Access to weekly 1-on-1 “Office Hours” 


(7) Access to our Meal Planning resources


(8) Access to our easy reference “Guides”

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Carrol Food Intolerance Method Program

Do you have a hidden food intolerance?

Find out with this Proprietary Naturopathic Technique!

Dr. Terra shares her secret weapon and how to implement this technique which has been proven to reduce toxemia and restore proper digestive function.

You will receive

  • Initial Intake Visit: Detailed health history interview in person or via zoom
  • Carroll Food Evaluation: Dr. Winston will Evaluate your individual food intolerance and present you with a compete report with resources to optimize your diet.
  • Follow Up Support: You will have access to video recordings to gain a deep understanding of how to use your results. You will also have access to weekly zoom call group Q&A with Dr. Terra
  • Custom Meal Planning Guide: You will have 1-month access to our professional meal planning software and a library of "safe" meals based on your intolerance. You will have step-by-step guides for building a custom meal plan that is perfect for you based on your results and your health goals. Plan includes easy shopping checklist. 
  • CFIM Membership Portal: 1 month membership includes access to all lectures, Q&A zoom calls, plus recordings and our private membership community.  


*Disclaimer: The Carroll Food Intolerance Method is not a lab diagnostic test, it is a proprietary naturopathic technique which has been developed over 100 years ago. All services & content provided by Earth Naturopathic are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, and/or cure any disease and/or condition. Please consult your primary care physician prior to starting a wellness program.

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​The Carroll Food Intolerance Method (CFIM) does not diagnose a disease, nor does it diagnose an allergy. It is a determination of a patient’s incompatibility with food groups or combinations of those food groups.

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