Meet Dr. Terra

As a child I used to love playing doctor. I carried around my doctor bag everywhere I went; patching up scrapes and doling out "medicines".

As a pre-teen I developed some health concerns and visited several doctors in search of a remedy. No one could figure out why I was having symptoms and the only treatment offered was an anti-depressant medication. I knew depression wasn't the cause of my pain so I started pursuing nutritional information on my own, and simultaneously gave up on my dream of practicing medicine. I didnt want to be in a profession that only had one tool in their kit, especially when that tool was prescriptions pills.

After graduating college with a dream of opening a bakery for those with food allergies I began to research graduate programs for dietitians interested in alternative nutrition. This is how I stumbled on Bastyr University and discovered the field of naturopathic medicine. Just 2 weeks after making this discovery I registered for classes and began completing my prerequisites for admission to the Naturopathic Physician program at Bastyr. 

Fast forward to 2016 when I graduated and began working with the amazing physicians at Evergreen Center for Integrative Medicine. I have learned so much in my 4 years of solo practice! I just love attending conferences and bringing all my new knowledge back to my amazing patients. I currently specializes in sports injuries, chronic pain management, gut health, autoimmune disease and chronic infectious diseases such as Lyme disease and EBV.

I'm skilled in injection therapies such as peptides, PRP, prolotherapy, ozone therapy and IV therapy; as well as physical medicine therapies such as craniosacral therapy, Neural integration technique (NIT) or Biocranial technique, and manual or activator assisted osteopathic manipulation. 

When I'm not in the office I'm usually chasing my son around the house, throwing sticks into the river for my dog to fetch or traveling with my partner. My true loves are delicious, healthy food; spending time with my family, and exploring this beautiful world. 

Fun fact: I almost choose art school over medicine. I love creating jewelry, greeting cards, wall art and even designing furniture! My ability to think creatively gives me a unique perspective on the field of medicine as well. 

I cant wait to meet you!